Monday, April 27, 2015

BRUTAL OBSCENITY-its because of the birds and the flowers... LP (1989)

1. death is a damn good solution
2. its because of the birds and the flowers
3. straight & stoned
4. emotion suicide
5. Mom or Dad?
6. its cruel
7. 1,2,3…..
8. useless immortality
9. god is just a ferry tail
10. defensor minor
11. no more feelings left
12. hangover D.D.D.
13. the overtaking

I got this recently from one of my long time Blog Followers Julian(JBM).  Dude came through for me in a big way on a stack of crucial metal records from my want list on the blog.  Much thanks JBM!   What is shocking is that I had never heard this record until a few days ago.  I recall seeing it at Worlds Records in Albany NY for years and years.  I could just never bring myself to buy it due to the silly artwork.  The band was from the Netherlands and put out a bunch of demo tapes and two full lengths.  I'm digging the crossover brand of metal hardcore.  For fans of 80's thrash metal.  Enjoy

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Friday, April 24, 2015


1. I win you lose
2. showdown
3. tension
4. tie me up
5. street smart
6. clever song
7. lost article
8. stand
9. same coal
10. promising
11. high time
12. you're to old
13. decade
14. anticipation

Since these guys are coming back over here this year for 4 shows I decided to post this LP.  I put out the U.S. version of this many years ago after befriending these guys, and touring with them 5 times.  The original line up that played on this LP is by far the best in my opinion and were completely unstoppable 15 years ago.  The drummer was a human thashometer…
My friend Mark become pen pals with Kenji(the singer) and decided to bring TF over to the West coast for their first shows in America.  Myself and the other members of the Oath flew out to San Diego where Mark was living to support TF on the 8 show tour.  Mark set up all the dates, and the entire thing was a huge learning experience for us all.  Mark and I drove to SD airport to pick these guys up on the date that Kenji had told Mark he'd arrive(a day before the tour).  We got to the airport, and the band wasn't on the flight.  We waited and waited for hours, went to other gates etc.  This was pre cell phones, so we had zero contact with these guys.  We ended up going back to Marks and really started to worry about things.  We had no idea what to do besides write Kenji an email.  The next morning(day of the first show)Max Ward called Mark and told him that Kenji called him and that they had showed up a day earlier then he told us he was showing up.  They had been staying in some sort of youth hostile.  We drove over there immediately to pick them up, and some how I got the money they'd paid the hostel back for them.  Kenji was so happy he was kissing and hugging us.  There was a huge language barrier as Kenji was the only member who spoke any english at all(and his wasn't so good).  At any rate the tour was amazing.  We all lost money, but learned a lot and had a ball.
Check these guys out when they come to the states in Sept of 2015.  The are playing in Brooklyn, Manhattan, then hopefully in Boston and Philly.  This LP is total D.C. Minor Threat worship.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PERESTROIKA-Kumisinfonia 7" (1989)

1. Reissumies
2. Normaali Perhe
3. Kumisinfonia
4. Lähempänä Loppua

My buddy Louis Jacobs turned me onto this after he ended up with a big stack of the ep from some trade with a dude overseas.  I recall him being pretty bummed because nobody besides myself would buy one from him.  I was impressed when Luke told me only 300 of the ep were pressed.  Its not blistering fast hc, but it packs a punch and has some really catchy riffs.  The band was Finnish and this obscure gem came out in 1989 on Boring Records(also out of Finland).  The label was run by a notorious record collector named Ari Heino.  He'd catalog the records he put out in some sort of homage to old punk classics.  This for instance is Legless Bull 2.  I don't think this band put anything else out besides a comp track or two.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

MTxYB Split demos(1980-1981)

What can be said about either of these bands? Both bands started in 1980(I didn't even know what punk was at this point in my life, I was just discovering AC/DC).  MT invented a movement /genre, and It blows my mind how much they got done in three years. YB existed for less then a year and influenced the D.C. scene with their wicked brand of punk hardcore.  I was so happy to see this come out on vinyl some years ago after hearing so many 5th generation tapes from traders through out many decades. Def recall hearing the YB demos for the first time at inner ear when I took my friends Glee Club down there to record a 7" in 1989. Essential bands…essential demos. If you don't like either of these bands you suck at listening to music.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

DISRUPT- smash divisions 7" (1991)

1. Smash divisions
2. Refuse planet
3. Eat shit
4.No values
5. G.A.M.E.
6. Rid the cancer
7. Inebriated
8. God Fearing Citizen
9. Cold war
10. Squandered

I first heard these guys in 1991 at a Fest they played at a Unitarian church in Albany NY where they played with Dropdead, Taste Of Fear and a shit ton of other bands.  They blew me away with their raunchy brand of crust metal hardcore.  The songs were wicked fast and obviously influenced by the likes of Extreme Noise Terror, etc.  I saw these guys a lot in the 90's, and because of their influence on old band Devoid Of Faith actually recorded our first 12" at the same studio that Disrupt had recorded at(Lanes).
The band was from Boston, all of them were long hairs and they had two vocalists doing the chicken and the bear type vox.  Members later went on to form the doomy band Grief.
Can't go wrong with a 7" that has 10 songs on it.

Disrupt at Bogies in Albany 1992

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

ÜÄÏŸ BÅAÎOØHØIØ -War Madness 7" (Uauiy Baaioohoio)

1. War Madness
2.  Kill Control
3. System Violent
4. Why is?
5. No Bones

Mysterious HC punk from Uzbekistan?  Insane punishing noise that was quite sought after for some years.  Think Confuse meets Gloom.  Almost impossible to find.  Tracks 3 and 4 are combined into one track on this MP3.  Enjoy the noise.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HAIL MARY-All Aboard The Sinking Ship LP(1999)

1. Grist for the mill
2. Man Overboard
3. Slipped Away
4. Beating a dead horse
5. Maimed
6. Crashing Down
7. In Motion
8. Diversion
9. Starboard bow
10. Flounder
11. Excommunicate

I love this LP, and not just because I helped mix and write lyrics to it... It is just a straight up great HC record that totally reminds me of the band Bl'ast.  Hail Mary were from Albany NY and were the brainchild of Mark Telfian.  This might be the bands longest lasting, and final line up.  They'd gone through at least 4 guitarists, 7 bass players, and 8 drummers.  The only constant member was the vocalist Mark. This line up featured Matto on guitar, Bill on bass and Jake on drums.

I recall that Mark took the band to NJ to record this LP for Vermiform and he had problems with the engineer and the rough mix.  He hated everything about the recording and couldn't get along with the dude recording it.   He convinced my buddy Devon(Dropdead, Monster X) and myself to drive with him to Tenafly NJ to Knee Deep studios to help him lay down the vocals and help with production(and help deal with the engineer).  On the drive there he told us that he only had full lyrics to four songs.  On the two hour drive there all three of us wrote the lyrics to seven tunes, then Devon did some miracle editing while we were getting ready in the studio. After laying down the vox Neil Burke showed up to help us with the mix, and from there we came up with this thick assed sounding HC classic.  This brings back fond memories of hanging around some really good friends and having an awesome time.  I miss those days.

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