Sunday, May 3, 2015

B.S. Canadian Nightmare 4/6/1974

My friend Kevin 'O gave me a cassette copy of this decades ago.  He was always seeking out, and trading obscure live sets from bands he loved.   I have a few great Sabb ones that he gave me over the years.  In this Particular recording the bass is a lot lower volume wise then it should be.  It would be an outstanding recording if the bass was loud as a bomb blast, but it isn't.  Lots of cool guitar solos through out the gig, and some hilarious in between song banter by the Oz man make this essential for the true fan.  Eleven tunes recorded in Toronto… Enjoy

Friday, May 1, 2015

BY THE THROAT s/t 7" and live tracks(1999)

1. bought and sold
2. push comes to shove
3. fight back
4. clone
5. agenda
6. meant to last
7. come to accept
8. lowest form of life
Comp song and Unreleased tune:
9. conditioned
10. break the mold
11. short live set, first show at Siena College

This was a short lived Albany NY band that I played guitar in after the break up of Devoid Of Faith and Monster X. The band featured John of MX on vox, Mark Telfian on Bass and Paul Henry on drums( both mark and Paul went on to play in Limp Wrist together).  The band only played a few shows, but I love the songs.  I've added our first show in this file along with the 7", a compilation song, and an unreleased track.  We broke up due to in fighting between John and Mark.  Totally stupid...  All four of us put this ep out together on our four different labels.   I love the songs, lyrics and production on this.   Always found it easy to write with both Mark and with Paul.   Enjoy.

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