Thursday, July 30, 2015

NO THANKS-1982 Demo

Blistering fast NYC political hardcore/punk that is fronted by a female in 1982!!! Almost unheard of back then. This will forever be a classic. I still sorta wish I'd been involved in releasing this as an ep... its so far ahead of its time, and lyrically still is relevant today.
I was contacted by vocalist Donna Damage years back, and she was currently living in Berkley California, and planning a reunion tour with remaining members of No Thanks. Seth(the drummer) died of cancer a bit over a year ago.  A year after communicating with her Donna and I had a falling out over the art that she wanted to use for the release.  I wanted the release to look older, she was using photo shop, and different logos, etc.   I've pictured one of the versions below.
No Thanks released a 7" ep that has been forever out of print, and valuable amongst record collectors world wide. After the bands demise Donna fronted a metal band called Navigator (No Thanks guitarist played as well). In a time when NYC punk/hardcore was macho & didn't have much going on politically, these guys did something completey different.

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