Tuesday, August 18, 2015

V/A TOGETHER 7" Compilation (1987)

1.Warzone- as one
2.Gorilla Bisquits- better than you
3.Bold- talk is cheap
4.Youth Of Today- together
5.Sick Of It All- my life
6.Side By Side- violence to fade
7.Super Touch- searching for the light

This ep compilation came out while I was living on the West Coast in the Bay Area.  I had been seeing Youth Of Today since 1985, but when I saw both YOT and Bold at the Covered Wagon Saloon in SF,  it got me to start tinkering with the idea of straight edge.  I was also planning a move back East to Albany NY so this crappy compilation helped to inspire me and excite me for that move.  My friend Kurt and I would sit around listening to this comp in his bed room, and wishing we could go straight edge.  It was crazy what kind of an influence these bands/scene had on so many of us during the 80's. relistening to this record made me realize that I was wrong in remembering that the Side By Side 7" is my fav rev release…to tough to call… Sick Of It All, Judge, Warzone, Side By Side… I can't pick one.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

G-ANX- Flashbacks CD

G-anx were a hardcore punk band from Sweden who existed from 1984-1992.  I absolutely loved these guys… even more so then the more legendary Swedish hc acts of the 80's.  Crusty hc that could go from generic punk, to aggressive hc, to weird metallic ballads.  Their stuff just always hit home with me.   This features the bands discography… a bunch of 7"s, and a split with Filthy Christians.  When the band broke up, members formed Counterblast who were doing a more Neurosis style thing.  One of my old bands was supposed to do a split 7" with them, but the label dude turned into a total flake and just suddenly dropped out.  We were bummed.  Lots of songs on this discography.    My favorites are the ones that start off as metal type ballads…"the beast within", toilets", "clouds of cancer" and "life".   My favorite song by them ever is "In Harmony".  It sends shivers down my spine and makes me so happy when I hear it.

Sample: In Harmony

Thursday, August 13, 2015

HAXAN- demo 12" (2004)

I played drums on this 12", and my best buddy Mark McCoy played guitars, bass, and did the vox.  We had written the songs, and then practiced them for a few weeks in our basement at Warren Street in Albany NY.  Mark had been living with me there for a few years, and we'd been listening to a lot of Beherit at the time.  We then piled my drums, my guitar and amp in my car and drove out to Western Mass to record with the brilliant Will Dandy at Dead Air studios.  I loved the way the stuff turned out and really wish we'd recorded more songs.  The songs we then put together as a demo to send out to prospective labels.  We didn't really get much response from labels besides NWN who had to much going on at the time.  I had been in touch with Beth at United Record Pressing and she mentioned a special DJ pressing they were doing…120 12"s with blank sleeves for a really great price.  I did the Bomb Builder 12" this way, and Mark released the Haxan on Youth Attack this way.  120 records, hand numbered with home made art work by Mark.  Pretty fucking DIY!  More fond memories of a time i'll always remember with a smile on my face.  Enjoy these tunes…


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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SIDE BY SIDE- You're Only Young Once…7" (1988)

2.my life to live
3.living a lie
4.look back
5.you're only young once..
7.side by side

This and the Warzone 7" are by far my favorite rev releases.  I unfortunately never got to see these guys live, but saw most all the other early rev bands due to them always making Albany NY an important place to play.  That had much to do with Dave Stein, and Steve Reddy living in the area, putting on shows and being down with that NYC HC scene.  Admittedly this scene drove me crazy as it was happening.  It seemed totally inclusionary, and like a high school popularity contest.  If you weren't edge you and your bands were treated differently by this crowd.  At any rate this ep is sick.  It sounds totally raw and pissed… but the songs are all totally catchy.

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Monday, August 3, 2015


2.melting hopeful
4.poison the supply
6.in control
8.childs play
10. worship the porcelain god
11.bonkee 3
13.mindless icon
14.part two
16.dog teeeth
18.bugs will run the world
19.gospel scholars
20.take a walk
21.frustrated existence
22.flies on shit
24.system upheaval

This compilation LP came out in 1996 on Reservoir Records.  Andrew Orlando was the brain child behind this 90's Extreme East Coast Compilation.  Pretty sure it started off as a 7", then a 10", and finally a LP.  I was lucky enough to play in two bands that were on the record.  One of the bands(DOF) was supposed to do a LP on Andrews label, but things just didn't work out.  The best tracks on this record are from the obscure Richmond Virginia band Eucharist.  I mean come on man… a comp with Suppression, Monster X, Judas Iscariot, Halfman, Dropdead, Disassociate, Devoid Of Faith, Coercion, Brutal Truth, Black Army Jacket and Assfactor 4?  With most bands doing at least two songs… Pretty cool.  Includes a 16 page booklet/lyric sheet.
In my opinion 90's hardcore was mainly a mess with moshoholic and screamo/emo bands cluttering up the hc scene.  It was everywhere.  The bands who were playing fast harsh sounding stuff literally had people just standing there looking at us like we were freaks.  It was in many instances kinda awkward.
Anyway, enjoy the 24 tracks of raw 90's hc.  The song titles and bands are all labeled and tagged in Download.

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