Thursday, November 26, 2015

DEATHRAGE- Self Conditioned self limited (1989)

1.hard times are coming
2.killing for fame
3.U.S. of redskins
4.self-limited of death and white progress
7.masters of nothing

I love this Italian thrash metal album.  I knew it was Italian the first time hearing it based on the cowbell.  Total Raw Power influence there…haha.  But seriously it def has a European feel to the song writing and production.  I can see them being confused for a German thrash band as well.  I do hear some crossover in their sound.  Obviously these Italians were influenced by the likes of DRI, COC, Raw Power and the Suicidals along with more metal acts like Dark Angel, Exodus, and Sadus.  This came out during a time when underground thrash was exploding.  It seemed like there was a thrash band in every suburban town worldwide.  I miss those days of tape trading, and discovering new bands from everywhere.  I love the ant-satanic stance they took lyrically.  They dwelved more into social/political lyrically which probably comes from the crossover or hardcore influence on the band.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GLEE CLUB-Looking 7" (1989)

1.Elephant head
3.Not to late
4.Role model
5.These Things

When I first moved back to Albany NY from S.F.  in around 1989 I met Brian who was the drummer of Glee Club skating at the Empire state plaza.  He proceeded to introduce me to a lot of great friends that I still have today.
This record has a lot of meaning to me because its the first record I was ever involved in putting out, and everyone involved were dear friends.  There were three or four of us that lived in the Albany area that loved watching Glee Club live and we wanted to help them get something out.  I had just moved back from California and couldn't stop using the term Hella cool for everything, so it became the name of our label.  Glee Club were like 15 and 16 year old kids who loved having a good time and playing hardcore shows.  I personally drove these guys down to Inner Ear studios to record because they worshipped that D.C. scene.  The record didn't turn out as raw as the band sounded live, but the songs are all catchy and hold a special place in my heart.  These straightedge kids were influenced by the Descendants, 7 Seconds, the Clash and Minor Threat.  These guys sounded emo before any of us knew of the word.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

BRUTAL TRUTH- Birth Of Ignorance demo (1990)

1.Birth of ignorance
2.Stench of profit
4.Consumer  Mentality

Oh man I found some tapes in the basement tonight. I havent listened to this one since the mid 90's… Its so great, it really had me excited relisening to it again after all these years.  This demo is when the band was just a three piece (guitarist and drummer did the grunts, and growls).  B.T. along with Terrorizer and Napalm Death are what got me motivated to play in Monster X and write grind riffs in the early 90's.  Obviously nothing we did could ever compare to any of these legends, but they def are the reason we did what we did.
 I bought this demo at Erl records in Albany shortly after it came out.  Dave and Jack went on and on about how cool these guys were, and how I needed this demo.  I bought it and was floored by the four songs.  A few years later I ended up meeting members of the band at Erl as Jack and Dave set up a show for them at Bogies.  One of the band members got busted prior to the show shoplifting breakfast sausages at the price chopper in Albany.  A fond memory I have of seeing them live is when they played Saratoga Winners with some Capital District mosh metal band called Cutthroat.  Cuthhroat played… like 150 kids were going nuts to them.  They get done, and everyone leaves the gig except for me, and like three other friends.  We went to the very front of this huge stage (came up to my chin), and Brutal Truth played to us like they were playing to a million folks.  It was life changing, and impacted  me tremendously.  Total heroes. There are only four songs on this tape but they are crucial for grind/crust fiends.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015


1.Thirty eight milligrams
2.Hold your breath
3.My dead friends and those who may as well be dead
4.Trust is a good concept in theory
5.The straw that broke the camels back
6.Slow veins
7.Still beating heart
8.Natural selection
10.'88 kid
11.Scathed 2000

I met members of this band while I was on an extended stay with my buddy Mark McCoy in California.  We were doing a promotional gig for work, and we ended up staying in a house that our friend Justin Pearson lived in with a bunch of other cats in San Diego.  It was a crazy time, and I have tons of really cool memories about it all.  At any rate I first met a member of RFYFL at Pokez (a Mexican food joint that every one seemed to eat at).  I think he might have worked there?  Whomever it was gave me a unmixed tape or CD of this LP.  I immediatly cranked it in the truck we were driving around the U.S. in.  I fell in love with the recording right away and Mark really nudged me to put it out.  The bands music didn't have anything to do with the "San Diego sound" that had become very popular.  It was straight up, in your face, pissed of 80's styled hardcore thrash.  It reminded me of elements of Poison Idea and Negative Approach (with some more modern epic crust parts).  The sort of stuff I grew up on.  The recording and sound were so genuine that you could feel the hate/ confusion in the songs.  It wasn't manufactured or fake… it felt like these guys not only hated their audience, but hated one another.  After talking to Justin about it, and him telling me that nobody in town was willing to put it out, I tracked down Jeff who played drums for the band, and co-owned a record shop in the area.  A totally sweet guy who I'm still in touch with today.  The rest is history.  They mixed the record, got me artwork and I pressed it up and sold 1000 Lp's.  Not the most popular band ever, but thats not what hardcore is supposed to be about, right?  Still one of my favorite Gloom releases.  If you see it in a used bin grab it up.  Enjoy the tunes!

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GASTUNK-The Fans 7" (1986)

3.Fastest dream
songs one and two are in one track…

I was turned onto these guys by my good buddy Louis who turned me onto almost all things 1980's Japanese.  I hated a lot of it at the time, but this one hit home due to its heavy metal brilliance.  Most all my hc/punk peers disliked this one claiming it was to metal.  Yup.. metal it is.  Catchy and anthematic.  Side B is def weird, really no idea what they were thinking but I like it just the same. Most people will hate it (unless you like Loudness mixed with free jazz).  Gastunk featured ex members from Lip Cream, The Comes, Execute, etc.The only problem I have with this record is that side B's "fastest dream" is so long that it kinda fucks up the sound of the song by the very end the quality gets worse … its over 7 mins. long.  I found this one in the water logged back room of Worlds Records in Albany NY.  Took it up to the counter with its $2.99  price sticker on the sleeve hoping that Buzz (the dude behind the counter) wasn't going to charge me some inflated price like they sometimes did.  He put down his acoustic guitar and charged me $2.99.  I left a very happy camper.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BIG GULP-Hard to swallow 7" (1987)

1.Hard to Swallow
2.Son of a landlord
3.tongue tied
4.fascist youth
5.Rock Hudson
6.Bossman sucks

I saw these guys a lot back in the day, probably way to much actually.  Live they always reminded me of a poor mans Murphy's Law or A.O.D.  because their shows were always so "wacky" and fun.  Sorta reminded me of what was going on in NJ at the time with all the Buy Our Records bands.  I recall driving my friends from Glee Club up to CT from Albany to play a show, and these guys were the headliners.  They also used to play the Anthrax a lot.  Years later one of the bands I played in drove up to CT to play and surprise... We played with the mighty Big Gulp.  I've been looking for the bands demo for years.  This 7" is a total dollar bin rager.  To really appreciate bands like these guys and bands like Affirmative Action one had to live on the east coast in the 1980's, and sit through the endless wave of NYC hardcore bands that played to large crowds of mostly straight edge jock kids.  I loved a lot of that stuff, but bands like Big Gulp were refreshing in that very dogmatic scene.  Don't get me wrong seeing Underdog, Sick Of It All, Warzone, YOT, and Judge every weekend was great, but like I said bands like this broke all that stuff up for me, and made me remember just how cliche and hyped that NYC scene was at the time.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Loved this crossover beauty.  Both bands were from Canada.  Fratricide have a very AF Cause For Alarm sound to them, mostly vocally.   M.O.C. have more of an Accused style they are ripping.  I love both sides.  I was turned onto this release by Simon Harvey who was my Canadian hc connection at the time. It took me a few years to track this puppy down to add to my collection (thanks once again Wedge).  Enjoy this shit…

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MEATWAGON- Drink, Fight, Fuck 7" (1989)

1.drink, fight, and fuck
3.evil twin
4.econo buy more beer
5.I am god syndrome
6.calling all cars

These guys formed in around 1987 out of San Diego California. The band was overlooked in my opinion mainly because they were a " D. Moody" Mystic Records band.  Everyone I know hated this label based on its bad reputation, and to this day Many are still writing off most the bands on label as a waste of wax.  Moody is still alive and well into his 80's.  Myself I loved much of the labels output, specifically RKL, Dr. Know, and Ill Repute.
Brief history for those not familiar with the label:
Dude bought a studio in LA in the 1980, and converted it from a 2 track studio into an 8 track studio.  He would approach punk/hardcore bands about recording there, and putting out a record on his label.  He charged the bands to record at the studio and then worked that payment against future royalties of the record he put out.  Many of the bands claimed to be ripped off because of this way of doing business.  Between 1982-1989 the label released over 200 punk/hardcore records.  Pretty crazy...
At any rate I love this thrashy beast.  Enjoy the tunes!

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

SANHEDRIN- Answer The Call 7" (1993)

1. Answer the call
2. When the antlers collide

Elk Metal!!!  This is one of the many projects/bands that Jim Konya did before his untimely demise in October of this year.  Far to young...Dude was a total in it for life raging metalhead who played drums in Nunslaughter, Apartment 213, The Spawn Of Satan, Hangnail, Schnauzer, Satanic Threat, Sloth, Blood Of Christ and many, many more.  This is one of the many records he gave me over the years. Dude would just hand you a pile of records if he knew you and thought you would appreciate the stuff.  This is an obvious parody band that he did on a 4 track in '93.  A cool project that only recorded these two songs.  Mix viking metal with Carcass and some low fi grind and you have Sanhedrin.  RIP Jim Konya, you'll forever be missed by metalheads and punks everywhere.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

DEATHSQUAD-Demo Sessions

This was recorded in 2002 or 2003.  Five songs in all were recorded by Will at Dead Air Studios in Western MA. For a demo tape we sold.  Four of these demo songs we later put out on a 7".  The fifth song "Attack And Retreat" we later re-recorded for the Youth Attack Records 7" that McCoy put out.  I've included the demo version of that song with this file.  Its the last song on here.  I think initially it was recorded for the Mein Comp 7" but McCoy decided against using it.  I think the song was to long to be on a 7" compilation with 9 other bands.  This was a fun band to do with my good friends Mark Telfian, Barker, and Eric.  More info and thoughts about the band if you look and read an older post I did upping the Youth Attack ep. We had an entire LPs worth of material written and practiced.  Just never recorded the stuff.  Total bummer, and a huge regret for me.   Enjoy the tunes

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NO REFUND-Cross Core Demo tape (1989)

What happens when you get a bunch of heshers from the 'burbs of New Jersey, who most likely live and die by Anthrax, Exodus, and Slayer…Then you turn them onto S.O.D. and Adrenalin OD?  I'd say you get something like this.  Silly injokes played by dudes that can actually play their instruments, but just wanna piss people off and have some fun.  I'm not sure if they released much else, but there are 22 songs on this tape.  Funny to think these guys came out of Glen Ridge NJ (around 7 miles from my house).  Enjoy this obscure rarity.

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