Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RIP Jon Bunch AKA Johnny Scars Feb 1 2016

John sang in Reason To Believe and Sensefield.  Reason to believe blew my mind when I first heard them on a tape comp that also featured Our Gang, and Infest back in 1987.  Johns singing was that of someone who actually was very talented and had an amazing voice that somehow worked with a fast hardcore band.   A rarity as most of us who listen to the genre know.  I lost track of what he was doing over the years, but I'm saddened by his death at the young age of 45.  He was still doing music, and was a talented person.  I still get shivers down my spine when I hear his voice on any Reason To Believe recordings.  Rest In Power!

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  1. RIP. its hard to believe the guy singing "you tell your friends, you tell your frie- yeah yeaeeeeeyeeeeyeahhheeehhh" wouldn't live forever!! . There isnt a lot i could add to what u have already said quite well. Loved his vocals on the Reason to believe LP for all the same reasons u mention. they were a great band already, and what he brought to the table vocally was just the icing on the cake that brought it all together. He brought so much LIFE to those tunes. and i don't think i have ever heard a more perfect "summer" hardcore band. Never really kept up with any his other bands, but still and will always love the Reason to believe stuff.