Tuesday, May 31, 2016

RIP Brandon Ferrell (April 28, 1984-May 31, 2016)

This is terrible news. My heart goes out to his twins and his family.

I'm sure those of us that knew Brandon all have awesome thoughts of his past antics...Dude played in a kazillion bands that many folks saw or heard over the years.  Municipal Waste, Direct Control, Government Warning, Obsessor, Career Suicide, Wasted Time, etc.

I first met Brandon in Richmond VA. when he played drums in Municipal Waste and they opened for us on some stupid Das Oath tour long ago. After that I'd get instant messages from him all the time telling me to check out this or that band that he was in. Seeing if I had interest in putting out random records by his bands on my label, Asking to play Gloom Fest, etc.

A really fond memory I have of him is when I sold him a Corrupted Morals 7".. both of us gushing over how amazing and underrated we thought they were. A year later I went to see one of his bands with Career Suicide in Albany NY. Him and members of various other bands (Career Suicide, Direct Control etc) decided to play a covers gig on the spot (never practicing). Brandon asked me to pick my favorite CM song. I obviously picked "Peer pressure". He said ok, but you are singing it. I did. That was rad. He helped an old man relive his youth for a second. thanks buddy.  Rest easy and free. 

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