Friday, June 10, 2016

RINGWORM-Demo Tape (1991)

Love this stuff.  Its so dark & heavy, and is the perfect mixture of metal and hardcore.
I've been friends with some members from the Original lineup for years (thanks to Chris Pellow for this demo). I also have a live set on tape that I got from Chris as well that I'll hopefully upload someday.  Great Clevo hardcore with tons of Mosh, and some Slayer influence as well.  Albany mosh metal kids went crazy for this band back in the 90's.  They'd react by doing those windmills, and stupid karate kicks in the pit.  I could only stand there and wonder who the idiot was that invented that "dance move"... At any rate enjoy the tunes.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

BLOWHARD-Demo Tape (1992)

1.Beyond Hope Beyond Life
2.When Enough Is Too Much
3. Xenophobia
4.God Offal
7.Childhood's End
8.Face Facts
9.To Yourself
10.No Better
11.A God Of Substance
Brutal Canadian thrashcore that has scores of UK 1980's thrash and Japanese core written all over it.  Harsh stuff indeed.  You know its gonna be good when there are 11 songs on the demo.
My old bands Monster X and Devoid Of Faith Shared the stage with Blowhard in Toronto.  Straight ahead-non stop simple thrash with no frills.  Great dudes, great band.  Old friends Simon Harvey and Naomi turned me onto these gents, and they helped to set up the shows we played with them as well.  Re-listening to this brings back some keen memories of doing weekend gigs in Canada back in the early 90s... having to sneak our equipment and merch across the border was always a hassle, as we always ended up paying some fines or being detained or something.  I can't imagine how hard it is these days.  Enjoy the tunes!

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