Thursday, February 9, 2012


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2.Born In A Mess
3. Exit
6.Spoon Fed
8.Praying For Failure
9.Body And Blood    
10.Frozen Minds
11.You've Been Had
12.Sensory Deprivation
14. Fooled Again
Here is another obscure classic hardcore release from the 90's.  Eucharist were from Richmond Virginia, and put out this 12" LP, and another four compilation tracks.  Unfortunately the band never did a demo. The band did an entire U.S. tour with Suppression, and played the North East pretty regularly.  My connection to this is that one of my best friends, Mark Telfian formed this band after leaving my band Devoid Of Faith, and moving from Albany down south.  Mark played on many a records including, Conniption, DOF, Death Squad, By The Throat, Hail Mary and Limp Wrist.  This one is by far his most triumphant recording.  The songs are short, tight, and very harsh sounding.  Totally brutal stuff indeed.  I always thought the band was under the influence of Econochrist meets Citizens Arrest or Rorschach.  When I mentioned this to Mark he laughed and said "Negative Approach dude".  This came out on Mountain, a label run by Chris Jenson.  Enjoy!

A sample:


  1. Had this record,don't remember much about it...booked a basement show for Hail Mary with 9 Shocks Terror as support in Clevo. Had a keg/charged 2 bucks to get in....skinheads showed up and drained the keg. No fights though...goodtimes.

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  3. Truly a great hardcore record. Nice to see it getting some love. I got curious when a few people compared my band, Acts Of Sedition to it. Ran into a vinyl copy a few years back and was stoked.

  4. A good record, often over looked. I just revisited it a few weeks ago because I forgot what it sounded like exactly. However, I don't hear Negative Approach in it.

  5. For the record, there is an 8-song Eucharist demo, consisting entirely of tracks that later showed up on the LP in more poorly recorded 4-track versions. I have a dubbed copy somewhere, I can try to find a way to hook it up if I ever locate the damn tape it's on.

  6. hmmm. Mark, the guitarist told me there wasn't a demo

  7. I wasn't aware of the Albany connection! The distressed typewriter font is pure 90's.

  8. Hah, OK, now I have to find the tape and rip it. I'll get to work on that and send you a link when I've done it.

  9. you are talking about a rough mix of the LP.

  10. I have that LP
    great records!!


  11. DUDES this was an awesome band...I am hunting for the Eucharist tracks from the VIDA LIFE comp 7" on Lengua Armada and a "Double Dose of Dicks" comp 7" also..

    any help would simply RULE MY WORLD!!!
    Thanks, -Rick (figure four records 94-98)

  12. I found the Vida Life track...but thanks!!!


  13. One of my favorite albums. The energy of the record was almost identical to the live show, and the drummer was amazing to watch