Wednesday, February 15, 2012

P0IS0N-Further Down Into The Abyss(1984-87)

2.lurking fear
3.slaves(of the crucifix)
5.satan commands
6.zombie dance
7.angel of satan
9.wake the dead death
12.possessed (by hell)

fucking Metal!!!  This should not be confused with the cock rock band with the same name.
I wasn't familiar with these guys in the early days.  It wasn't until the 90's that I was introduced to them by this metal freak named John who would frequent the comic shop I worked at.  John would swing by every week, and give me cassettes of demo's and rare obscure metal records that he had dubbed for me.  What I recall most about this dude was that he lived at home with him mom, but had a porn addiction that i'd say matched almost any one I'd ever met.  Dude drove around in this clunker of a car(like a la barren I think), blasting metal on his tape deck, with his video porn collection stored in the trunk so that his mother wouldn't find it at home.  Totally hilarious.  All I could ever imagine was him getting in an accident, or pulled over by the cops who searched his car only to find a huge stash of porn in the trunk.  At any rate John taped me one of this bands demo's from the 80's.  Years later I saw this sucker and knew I needed it.  I guess this German Black/Death/Thrash band flew under my radar because I was more interested in Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction.  At any rate this compiles a bunch of demo tracks, a live tune, and some other rarities.  The band formed in the early 80's, and signed some bogus contract that didn't allow them to record anything for some time.  This lead to inactivity, and then the bands break up.


  1. Fuck yeah! I love these guys. Thanks for this.

  2. Thanks for putting up this great band! Is this from vinyl or the CD?

  3. wwas it Roadrunner ther were signed to?? i remember hearing em on some Roadrunner comp in the 80s w/ Paradox, Violent Force, and Minotaur. It was great - my first time hearing all 4 of those bands.

  4. This is great stuff! It owes a serious debt to Venom(a good thing!) nd they even take their name from a Venom song...

  5. this is completely unrelated, but were you the youtube used gloom666? there was a video of that band Kontempt playin in Albany and i was looking for it but saw your account was no longer there. was wondering if you could email me that Kontempt video? youngpunkspogo < at > yahoo ( dot ) com

  6. This is some great stuff! Been listening to it all day. Thank you!!!

  7. First of all, thank you for posting all this awesome music that otherwise I would not have the chance to hear, second, I am really curious about listening to this band, but the link does not work, can you fix it please?

  8. it worked for me. you are doing something wrong


  9. So good, Thank you!



  11. Amazing Band, Old-School ¡¡¡¡Black Thrash/Death Metaaal!!!, Thanks.