Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OUTPATIENTS-Hardcore Outcasts Revisited('82-"84)

    1. Light Blue
    2. Land of the Lost
    3. Fight
    4. J.O.C.
    5. Go Play
    6. G.P.D.
    7. Balloon Head
    8. TV Violence
    9. Push-Button Warfare
    10. Jenny Gurd
    11. Cover Girl
    12. Zombie Tyme
    13. Barriers to Bridges
    14. Backwards Explosion

    I was turned onto these guys by a kid i'd met at Worlds Records in Albany NY maybe around 1989.  I'd just moved back to the area from SF, and really hadn't met to many Albany punk/hc people yet.  The guy I met wasn't from Albany, he was from Pittsfield Massachusetts(45 mins away).  Back then when one saw another person in say a 7 Seconds shirt on or something, you'd approach them and make some conversation(seems like that sorta thing doesn't really happen anymore).  At any rate  this dude and myself exchanged info, and I ended up going to a couple of shows in Western MA with him.  One was in a basement, with a band called Wishful Thinking, and G-Man.  This guy introduced me to some of his friends, and a few months later sent me a copy of the outpatients demo, and a Wishful Thinking 7".

    I'm pretty sure I still have the demo, but haven't unearthed it yet(or seen it in over a decade).  This CD compiles the bands early stuff, including the demo.  I love this stuff..raw silly sounding thrashed out punk hardcore.



    1. Nice post. I played a the Bush Anti-Inaugural Ball with these guys at Secret Studios in SF back in 88. I was the drummer for the Ophelias, the Catheads and the Hollowmen...all at the same time. My side project band was Shot Fulla Holes and I played the show with them. We were all in Herb Caen's column.

    2. Yes. I'm always raving about the Outpatients. One of the guys was in Deep Wound, too. I am playing the song "Fight" in episode #36 of my podcast. You can get all the episodes at http://punkrockrecordparty.blogspot.com

    3. First heard outpatients on a suburban hardcore cd I picked up in '98. I never came across their material so Im stoked to find this posted here, thanks!

    4. great stuff. thank you

    5. I was in Adrenalin O.D. and was lucky enough to play with the Outpatients quite a few times in the early 80's. Great guys, and way ahead of their time.